Music on Hold Audio Services

Professional Telecom Audio Services

      Telecom Systems UK are pleased to offer you our Professional Telecom Audio services to enhance your phone system. If you’re having a new phone system from us or have an existing system supplied by us, we offer to give you a professional edge with Audio Messages that give the very best experience to your callers such as message on hold, voicemail announcements, auto attendant, call queue announcements and night greetings.

Why use professional telecom audio?

Every company wants to get the best return on the investment in their phone system. Handling calls efficiently should be coupled with giving the best audio impression to callers. Badly self-recorded routing or on hold Announcements can affect your business image. Our Professional Telecom Audio creation service is cost effective and easy to use making professional Announcements a no-brainer for every business.

Hold time is gold time

When your callers are waiting on hold they’re a captive audience. Playing them silence or plain music
is wasting an opportunity to tell them more about your business. Information on hold can include new
products or services, web site details, special offers, opening times, recent awards etc. Studies have
shown that information on hold makes the wait time much easier and stops callers hanging up so Professional Telecom Audio is in everyone’s best interest!

For Choice, Speed & Service Our System Is Perfect!

We have over 200 Voice Actors across the globe ready and waiting to record your Announcements and over 300 Royalty Paid tunes for you to choose from. Our system is available 24/7 with easy to use Wizards to help you write your Announcements. As soon as you place an order your chosen Voice Actor gets an SMS to respond and get to work.Our system is fully automated and informs you as soon as the Voice Actor has sent you a recording to listen and approve. We’ve had Jobs completed in UNDER 1 HOUR! (typical turn-around is within 1 day).

For further information visit our Professional Telecom Audio web site right now at  listen to our
music and actors and ask us to include Professional Telecom Audio in our quote to you.